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New location

Join me on my new blog site and continue to enjoy the same inspiration and support for a rich and fulfilling life as we all step into greater things.

Posted by: revfelicia | December 13, 2010

That which is in us will save us

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” Jesus in The Gospel of Thomas

I heard this quote this morning in Mary Manin Morrissey’s “One Minute Method” and took a moment to really let it to sink into the cells of my being. So often we hear that we each have a gift to offer the world and that there is something uniquely our own that only we can contribute. We know this at some level but many of us may think that developing and expressing our gifts are luxuries for the rich or lucky. Survival is hard enough without having to figure out how we are going to express the song within us.

But Jesus paints a very different picture. He tells us that sharing ourselves is not an indulgence for the privileged few but that it is necessary to our very survival. He tells us that if we do not bring forward  our divine splendor in the form of our gifts, dreams and desires, then they will begin to fester and rot inside eventually destroying us.

That is a strong picture for strong words. But think about how you feel when you are forced to do hide who you are or deny yourself the sheer joy of sharing your gifts in a way that blesses both yourself and those around you. It feels like a cancer of disappointment and depression. Resentment festers and grows. Life becomes gray and routine and you feel as though a part of you that is dying.

This is the time of year that we celebrate the birth of Jesus with the Christmas story. When we read the ancient tale with mystical eyes, we hear our current story of awakening. We heed the invitation of Spirit by listening deeply to hear how She longs to give birth to our dreams, our desires and our gifts. In moments of quiet communion, we see that as we claim our divine inheritance and give birth to our gifts and splendor we save ourselves from our insanity, our unhappiness and bring about heaven here on earth. The beauty is that we don’t have to know how to do it. We just have to be willing and available. Spirit will do the rest.

What are you holding inside of you today? What is it in you that longs to  be born this Christmas season that will save you from your self-imposed prison of unhappiness and limitation? There is a gift waiting to be discovered and longing to be born through you. Take some time this Christmas season to listen deeply to what it might be. Dare to give birth to a new expanded you knowing that as you do, you save yourself and bless so many around you.

Abundant blessings and Merry Christmas

Posted by: revfelicia | December 2, 2010

You are God’s Gift to the World!


Sunday at church we talked about how we are God’s gift to the world as we entered Advent the season that celebrates the birth of Jesus. Before I go any further, I want you to stop and check your reaction to this statement. Affirm “I am God’s gift to the world” and pay attention to how you feel as you say it. Is there a part of you that cringes? That is the part that tells us it is egotistical to think that highly of ourselves. I contend that it is true humility to claim that God is big enough and powerful enough to use us as instruments of God.

This contradicts traditional teachings that tell us that Jesus came to save us from our sins. To me, as I shared in my book Do Greater Things: Following in Jesus’ Footsteps that just never made sense.  Why did God condemn us in the first place especially if “he” knew he was going to have to  go back and give us a way to  be saved. That just seems like a lot of wasted effort. Instead, in my book, I suggest that rather than Jesus being our savior, Jesus is our model who demonstrated our capability and potential.

Jesus gave us something unique and profound which was a pure experience of God. He knew his oneness with God so completely that when people saw Jesus they believed that they were seeing God. Ultimately they were transformed.

We have also been erroneously taught that Jesus was the only one. Again, this just does not make sense to me.  Can you imagine God saying, “I am only going to do this one time-so don’t miss it!” That just seems so small and limiting. The God I know creates without ceasing in order to continually expand and express Itself.  Additionally, Spirit designed each and everyone of us as channels to stream her blessings into our world. So, just like Jesus, when we are centered in the reality of Spirit, God’s fullness  flows freely through us expanding exponentially.

So, when we affirm, “I am God’s gift to the world” we claim our capacity to shine God’s light wherever we go. Now if I simply exchange the word God for love, it is a bit easier to see ourselves as the words or the acts of love instead of God. But they are one and the same. God is love and love is God and when Jesus woke up to that reality, he made love manifest here on earth.

You are God’s gift to the world. You are the way that God expresses and expands. As you open your heart to the fullness of God and allow all that God is to flow through you easily and without interruption, you shower those around you with the gift of God. You are God’s gift to the world!


Posted by: revfelicia | November 29, 2010

God’s Christmas Gift

This week our affirmation is “I am God’s gift to the world!” Take time to listen deeply for the gift that God wants to spread through and as you. Say yes to your divine splendor and become the portal through which God flows. You are God’s gift and I am grateful for your presence in my life and in the world!

Posted by: revfelicia | November 24, 2010

Power of Blessing

Multiplying substance

Yesterday I found myself looking at a bank statement and judging it as not enough. I felt myself get anxious as I began to imagine all kinds of scenarios of what could possibly happen because of the apparent lack showing up. Luckily I have enough spiritual practice under my belt that I was able to stop the train and bring to mind a Bible story that reminds me to see things differently. I am referencing Luke 9:12-17 where Jesus fed the five million plus people.

The story goes that Jesus is teaching all day to millions of people when it starts getting late. Obviously no one planned for the day to go that long nor did anyone make provisions to feed the people attending. Jesus’s disciples came to him asking that he send everyone home because they were afraid of what would happen with five million hungry people. Jesus, nonplussed first asked the disciples to feed everyone themselves. His followers exclaimed that they only had two fish and five loaves of bread. Imagine the despair in their voices as they relay this information to Jesus afraid that he was serious about them doing something. In that moment, they took stock of what they had and judged it as not enough.

Jesus on the other hand, saw their current inventory very differently. After the disciples were not able to feed everyone, he asked for the fish and bread. Instead of seeing it as inadequate, he, in that moment, had the power to see that it was more than enough. He did not fool himself into thinking that what he physically held
was going to satisfy everyone’s hunger. Instead, he was able to look into the invisible realm and see the stream of substance that was available to him as evidence by the facts he held in his hand. He saw the infinite stream of substance outpicturing in the form of the fish and the loaves. He knew that there was a continuously supply of more beyond the facts that his physical eyes told him.

So, he went through a series of steps which included looking away from appearances and blessing what he had as good. As a result, he was able to manifest enough food to feed everyone present and have twelve baskets of food left over.

Did it happen this way? We will never know. And I don’t think it is important to the story. What is important is the lesson that tells us by shifting our attention and our judgements around things we do see, we can manifest that which we want and need. Our challenge is to change the way we view the circumstances of our lives. Instead of seeing an amount in our bank account as too little, see it as the first wave of good that is manifesting from the invisible realm of plenty.

It is like when I knit. I put my yarn in a bag where I can’t see the whole skein. But as I pull more and more comes out. Now there is a finite amount of yarn with each skein but God’s supply is infinite. I can keep pulling on that skein of God’s yarn and it will keep coming allowing me to create something beautiful and meaningful without limits.

One of the most powerful ways to shift our judgement is to give thanks and bless what we have as good. Try it. You can physically feel the difference in your body as you practice gratitude and bless the circumstances in your life. Your energy opens up as fear loosens its grip. And your attention shifts from lack to plenty.

So the next time any of us view something as inadequate or not enough, we can each remember to shift how we the facts. We follow in the master’s footsteps when we see what is on hand as the tip of what is available to us. As we take a moment to bless and give thanks for what we have as evidence of God’s unlimited abundance, we bring forward God’s good into physical manifestation.

Posted by: revfelicia | November 18, 2010

Unity’s first principle

This evening, we are starting something new in our ministry. I am conducting a teleconference call where I will join  other Unity and New Thought students from around the country as we explore our first Unity principle. First of all, I continue to be amazed at technology and how it has expanded our capacity to connect with one another. It truly gives the phrase, “We are one” a whole new meaning. I will let you know how it goes and it is not too late to join us. We will meet once a week at 8 PM CST Wednesday evenings for the next 4 weeks. Just let me know that you would like to join us by posting something here.

Tonight we begin with our first Unity principle, “God is absolute good, everywhere present!”  We could spend a lifetime on that one principle. If we really internalize this idea, then nothing else would be necessary. Everything really comes down to this first principle which says that God is all there is. In other words everything generates from the mind of God because God is the very substance from which everything was created. And it also means that no matter where we go or what we do or even what we believe or don’t believe, we cannot be separated from the presence of God.

William Cameron wrote an article for a little booklet called Keys to the Kingdom: Five Fundamentals of Truth that we hand out to first time guests to explain a bit more about Unity. We don’t have a dogma necessarily. Rather we do have five principles that sum up what we teach and stand for.

In this booklet,  he shares how he now spends his life “upgrading my concept of the one, good God.”  There can be no greater endeavor. I have come to discover that my concept of God colors everything about me and my world. It is the lens through which I experience life. As I grow in my understanding of God as everywhere present and God as good, I feel better. I learn to trust life more. I pay notice the evidence of God more and life just becomes a bit lighter. It does not mean that the bad stuff goes away although it does seem to cut down quite a bit. It means that whatever I am facing, I do with the knowledge that the power and presence of Spirit is always with me and ultimately it is good.

Posted by: revfelicia | October 15, 2010

All Things are Possible!

I read this line from Charles Fillmore this evening and am meditating deeply on the implications. He says, “All things are possible with God, because He is infinitely all-mighty, having all power or force to accomplish anything.”

So, this evening I surrender anything I think is impossible to the unlimited power of God.

Posted by: revfelicia | October 10, 2010

Created in the Image of God

This morning we discussed how we are created in the image and likeness of God. Even though we may have other images that feel real, the truth is that our true identity is born of the sacred.

This week our affirmation is:
“I am God’s unique expression of Divine Splendor!” You can interchange the quality of splendor with any spiritual quality you would like to claim and manifest.

Our homework for the week is to image the kind of life we desire and to see ourselves as that person living that life. What qualities are we to embody and who would we be if we lived as if we were an abundant person, or a healthy person or a peaceful, loving person. See the image of yourself in your mind’s eye. Rehearse that image knowing that everything is created twice and then share your experiences here.

Posted by: revfelicia | October 6, 2010

Conscious Creators

I have been doing a series on the creation process over the past several weeks based on the story as told in Genesis. Sometimes I can do a talk or series and it doesn’t have much impact on me. It is part of the routine. This one has had a profound effect on me. I see so much more clearly how we are conscious creators with God rather than passive observers.

God is constantly creating. It is what God does. She cannot help Herself. God’s nature is one of expansion and creativity. The difference with us is that we can tap into this power and consciously create that which we desire. And when we align ourselves with what we know as the nature of God and create from that image, amazing things happen.

So, who are we to know the nature of God? Many may think that is an arrogant question. Who are we not to know the nature of God is the better question. If we are created from the substance of God then we have a sense of what God is about because it is where we came from. We can feel confident that God’s nature is anything that expands our awareness of love, connection and abundance. When we create from that knowing and with that intent, our creations then contribute to the well-being of everyone. We don’t add to the problem and the burden, we contribute to the solution and expansion of abundant life for all. So, today I claim my identity as conscious creator tapped into the field of Infinite Possibilities seeing myself as the vessel through which the richness of God expresses and creates.

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Affirmation for Day 5 of Creation

My mind swarms with God-inspired ideas. More on this later.

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